Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Burma and the kidnappers

Four gunmen set fire to a building because a rubber plantation under the Ministry of Industry 2 refused to pay extortionists.

On Saturday, four gunmen who are from a small group known as Hapway Than Lwin, aka Koyinlay, came to the 700-acre rubber plantation to extort 1.2 million kyat (about USD $1,518).After their demand failed, they set fire to the building.

The extortion demand was made in late October. A female villager from KwanHlar village said, “They set the building on fire in broad daylight. Everyone was afraid and ran away. Everything burned.” The fire destroyed the building and the property of 20 workers.

After the fire, authorities told workers not to leave the villages. The workers were not to continue work until Wednesday.
The residents of the town believe the group is responsible for numerous kidnappings and extortions.

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