Friday, November 11, 2011

Burma Background Information

Burma is located in Southeast Asia, bordering India, China, and Thailand. The Andaman Sea Borders the Southern Part of the country. The Capital, Rangoon, is located in the South. The country’s population is close to 4 million. Most of the population is Buddhist. The country proclaimed its independence in 1948 from the UK, and ever since the country has suffered from deep poverty and political unrest. Since the reformations of 1962, their economy has become one of the least developed economies in the world despite being resource rich. The United Nations have reported a lot of human rights violations in the country, including child labor, human trafficking, and a lack of freedom of speech. Healthcare is extremely rare, and hunger is widespread. The government has a strong arm, and takes into little consideration the well being of its citizens. It is ruled by a strict military regime, and human rights are extremely limited. The people have tried to fight back, and over time it has caught the eye of the media. But as of now the country is still suffering greatly.

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