Monday, November 14, 2011

Burma in Relation to International Journalism

In the documentary "Burma VJ", the extreme trials of citizen journalists are shown. The freedom of speech and of the press are completely oppressed within Burma, and the documentary showed this at its extreme. The government arrests those who attempt to show the truth of what's really going on within Burma It's illegal to have cameras, and record events such as the ones the citizen journalists portrayed within this documentary.

Scenes from "Burma VJ" really relate to our class and international journalism. We have made it a point to study the risks of being a journalist out on the field. The speaker we had, spoke about the risks he faced first hand when covering the drug war in Mexico. The risks that the citizen journalists take within this documentary are very different, yet similar in the since that they are both real risks that journalists take to get information out there. The citizen journalists within this film are the only source of information from Burma, and the world would never know their situation if they had not taken such risks.

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