Monday, November 14, 2011

"Burma VJ": More Than A Film

The documentary film “Burma VJ” from director Anders Østergaard uses secretive and challenging methods in the film making process to show the vivid and large scale events that took place in Burma during protests from the monks in 2007.The concept of “citizen Journalism” is one that is extremely influential in creating this film. It is challenging enough for a non-professional journalist to produce brilliant and more importantly clean and accurate reporting but as we see in “Burma VJ,” the challenge here isn’t experience but instead is based on avoiding government media restrictions by filtering and controlling the media.

All citizen and or free-lance journalist are generally in some sense taking a risk. Ko Muang, who films himself and the ongoing protests throughout the film is taking a great risk for the common good of others. The filming in this picture is raw and true at its very essence. It is truly baffling to think that if not for these reporters in the film much of this if not all of this story would not find its way to the rest of the world, at least not in this magnitude.

The characters and filmmakers show a sense of obligation to truth in life and to a truth in the media. This film makes a bold statement in that the oppressed can rise up and speak their minds against an unjust cause as we see beautifully portrayed in this work of brave citizen journalism.


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