Monday, November 14, 2011

Burma VJ related to Jour 400

So far I've really enjoyed the documentary "Burma VJ" in class.
What I find really interesting about it is that it's a movement that started out as citizen journalist and has formed into the DVB organization. It's puts a whole new appreciation on citizen journalist. These men and women are not formerly trained in video journalism. They are oppressed men and women in a country that won't let them report so they're taking matters into their own hands and becoming video journalist. They have risked more than any foreign correspondent. They're reporting in their home countries risking their lives and the lives of ones they love.
These journalist have formed DVB and have become the only eyes and ears the world has inside of Burma. They have played one of the most key roles in the political changes in Burma.
DVB has formed a whole new outlook on citizen journalists. They're doing something much more important than just caring hand-held cameras, they're exposing injustice.

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-Elizabeth Beaver

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