Friday, November 11, 2011

Burma VJ

Burma is a country where the people virtually have no freedom. Since 1962 the government has been controlled by a strict military regime that monitors every move of the people. Living conditions are horrendous, and there is basically no health care. The people are devastatingly poor, and have no hope of improving their way of life. Human rights are violated on a regular basis, and it is clear that the government does not care about its people what so ever.
The documentary Burma VJ, shows how some young brave reporters will do anything to get the truth about the unrest in Burma on the news. In Burma, freedom of speech is monitored carefully. When conflicts between the government and the people occur, the government does its best to make sure that it does not capture the attention of the media. The reporters have created a small organization, that does its best to capture the human rights violations, strikes, ect. On camera. They hide their cameras in shopping bags, and film in secret. If they are caught, they’re caught they can go to jail for years at a time.
The documentary has shown us the importance of citizen journalism, and how it can make an impact in a country’s government. If it were not for these camera men, the problems occurring within Burma would go unnoticed. Journalism plays a major role in keeping the governments of countries in check. These camera men are calling out the corruption in their countries government by exposing them in the media. It is a dangerous job, but very necessary.

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