Sunday, November 13, 2011

Burma VJ

Burma VJ is a documentary on the burmese uprisings that took place during 2007. These uprisings are also known as the Saffron Revolution, referring to the color of the Buddhist monk's robes. The Burmese monks, stood behind the protestors, and took their protests to the next level posing a real threat to the military controlled government. The government in Burma did not allow anyone to film what was going on, so outside news sources had to rely on the footage on footage from Burmese journalists who risked life and limb to document how the government was treating their people. These journalists would hide small video cameras in their bags and shoot footage of everyday life in Burma. Around August 2007, incredibly these journalists were able to capture the growing protests on camera as they evolved.
Joshua, a Burmese video journalist who shoots most of the footage for the film, narrarates and gives viewers an inside look of Burma. Watching the video that Joshua and his associates at the Democratic Voice of Burma shoot, the viewers get a first hand account of what happened before and during the 'Safron Revolution'. Most importantly, Joshua gives us the context in which the documentary takes place.
In the days to come many monks would be round and killed by the government. In the documentary the viewer watches as Japanese journalist Kenji Nagai is shot and killed by a soldier during a protest. There was no real conclusion drawn from these protests, with the military government still in charge, but the citizens of Burma, have voiced their opinion and it is only a matter of time before the people of Burma will finally get what they are asking for: freedom.

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