Monday, November 14, 2011

Citizen Journalism in Burma

The documentary, "Burma VJ", is important for all journalists and citizen journalists to watch because the video shows the struggles that people face when they try to expose government corruption.  The videographer wants to capture the turmoil in the streets of Rangoon, but he must be careful because the leaders do not allow people to have cameras.  At one point, he was taken into custody for videoing what was going on, but he got off easy because they only took his camera away.  They could have done much worse.
In the U.S., citizens are able to freely report the news, but is many countries, reporting the news can result in death.  For example, when the Buddhist monks took to the streets to protest the capture of Aung San Suu Kyi, they were threatened with extreme punishment.  During their march, one Japanese reporter was shot and killed because he was documenting the historic march.
Citizen journalism can be a dangerous profession, but many people believe that it is worth it to expose the good and bad in societies and governments.

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