Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Myanmar in Transition

Myanmar is an Asian country that was formerly known as Burma. It has been under various types of military ruling since 1962.
In March 2011, the new president, U Thein Sein took office and began rewriting laws pertaining to property ownership and taxes. His government has also considered giving the media more freedom.

A major issue in Myanmar is the political prisoners. On Oct. 11,  it was said by state-run media that 6,300 "prisoners of conscience" would be released in general amnesty.
When the time came to produce the releases it fell short of all estimates. Amnesty International was only able to estimate for about 120 prisoners being released. It has been considered a very minimal step forward by Western nations.
Myanmar seems to want to end its diplomatic isolation but it is trapped by it's 55 million people in poverty and malfunctioning economy.
The government is in slow progress, but at least they're moving forward.

NY Times Article:

-Elizabeth Beaver

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