Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The country of the white star

Myanmar is a country that is situated in Southeast Asia. The word “Myanmar” means “strong” and “fast”. Nevertheless when somebody thinks about this country, very different assosiations come to mind. For example , the fact that Myanmar is in the international isolation and in the economic warfare for many years. The main economic partner of Myanmar is China, which ignores the international embargo. But there is a reason behind this – Myanmar is the only way for China to get acess to the Indian ocean. Part of the terretory in Myanma is closed for foreign visitors. The reason is simple: from 1962 the military generals came to power and they are still holding it today. Though the visitor won’t see any sighns of dictatorship. Myanmar looks like the avarage democratic country – no propaganda, no cult of the personality. The head of democratic opposition in the country is Aung San Suu Kyi – the daughter of the national hero of Myanmar in the World War II Aung San. She became an awardee of the Noble Peace Prize in 1991. For many years she was under arrest. Now she is free.

For the last decade Myanmar had a lot of changes in its international image. First of all in 2010 the name of the country was changed from the Union of Myanmar to the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. The national symbols were also changed. The new flag has yellow green and red colours in it and a white star in the middle, which reminds about African banana republics from the Hollywood’s blockbasters. In 2005 the capital of the country was moved from Yangon to Naypyidaw. Because the generals, who have power right now, were afraid of invasion from the seaside in Yangon. It is interesting that the cheapest hotel in the nowadays capital costs 100$ per night. Everything is done in order not to let foreigners in there.

Maybe one day the changes will happen not only in the image of Myanmar but in the international status too?

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