Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rio's slum face challenges after raid

(from The Christian Science Monitor)

An article on CNN from 15 Nov, 2011, tells the story of 3,000 Rio de Janiero (Brazil) special police forces clearing out the Rocinha flavela (slum) of the city in an effort to stop drug battles in preparation for the 2014 World Cup that will be hosted in the city. They also arrested Antonio Francisco Bomfim, Rocinha’s top drug dealer who is also known as Nem, and many underlings. Not a single shot was fired.
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However, an article from The Christian Science Monitor asks if the raid was nothing more than “a PR success for the Rio government.” The operation, which was title Operation Shock of Peace, was well announced beforehand. In fact, the troops met little resistance from traffickers other than oil in the streets and garbage blocking some areas. Many traffickers had already fled thanks to knowing the invasion was coming.
The over preparation and release of what was happening by the government allowed the press to latch onto the raid and just follow what happened from there. It wasn’t completely about simply removing traffickers from the slums but from making the government look good as well.
The media fell for it.

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